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Inter Crop History

Inter Crop Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1989 as an agrochemical trading. Over the years, Inter Crop has surged ahead and evolved into one of Thai leading agrochemical business. It achieved a satisfactory level of growth through its strategic management in sourcing the best quality and competitive prices of agrochemicals to supply in Thai market.

In 1994, Inter Crop has made a considerable investment in set up a modern formulation and repacking plant in Bang-poo Industrial Estate named AGFOREPAX INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. under the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Our plant is committed to the policy of producing high quality products, thus all of our production process is controlled by our high experienced specialists where followed by the guideline of FAO standard and procedure of ISO.

In the second decade of business operation, there were so many players in Pesticides market and very high competition. Mostly players used a price strategy. We therefore had to apply a differentiation strategy in our marketing activities. Our team dedicated to develop diverse new products within the laboratory with the mission of seeking the most advantageous formulation which is the best for applying in each Crop in different locations. Our operation is fully integrated with Research & development product and market development as well as technical knowledge management to our customers as farmers which all is complied with the Poison Material Act of B.E.2008 (Pesticide registration regulation in Thailand). We have been recognized and trust placed upon by customers and farmers for the word of "Crop Solution Provider"

More than 20 years, now we are stepping into the third decade of business operation as a CROP SOLUTION PROVIDER where we have the key factor in place that are essential in keeping high standard quality, consistency product to meet the needs of customers requirement as well as cooperation with all business customers as a business partner. In this the 3rd decade of business operation, we have renovated and equipped with cutting-edge technology in production and Research & Development process with the intention of developing our business competitive potential in both of domestic and international market with the aim of being part to boost of Thailand's economic growth.